Master Craftsman Furniture Maker

Hand crafting and hand carving the finest english mahogany, flame mahogany, burr walnut, and intricate inlaid veneers.
"I have over 30 years experience designing, hand crafting and hand carving the Finest English Period Investment Furniture using Mahogany, Flame Mahogany, Burr Walnut and intricate inlaid veneers. In a world dominated by mass production the time and skill invested in each piece make it a precious commodity to be enjoyed by generations to come.
As a qualified furniture maker I worked with one of England's most prominent master carvers, producing architectural decoration for stately homes and churches throughout Great Britain.”
Laurie’s Furniture  is owned and operated by Stephen and Lynne Laurie. 
Stephen has an outstanding reputation for his Fine New Zealand Made English Traditional Heritage Designs; Handcrafted & Hand carved in his purpose built workshop located on Tram Road just north of Christchurch, in the small rural settlement of Clarkville, North Canterbury.
"My workshop is a few short steps from the back door of my home. It is of modern construction, purpose built and fully equipped. My passion is creating and hand carving fine period furniture, drawing out the rich colours and grains of some of the world's finest timbers. The classic Chippendale, Sheraton and Victorian furniture styles have had a powerful influence on many of the pieces displayed on this website."
The E.W. Rich furniture collection was acquired by Laurie's Furniture in late 2004, the reputation of E.W. Rich furniture for high quality fine Traditional furniture is as deserved today as ever.
E.W. Rich Furniture  was founded by Ernest William Rich in 1941, during the depressed years of the Second World War.
His father was a skilled furniture craftsman who emigrated from England in 1912 and some years later set up his own furniture making business in Christchurch.
Ernest as a young man worked with his father in this business for some years, learning and perfecting his craft, before branching out on his own in 1941.
Ernest followed in his fathers footsteps and built a business with a reputation for quality, fine handcrafted Traditional furniture - both the business and his furniture have lasted generations with his daughter and son-in-law Peter & Alison Kircher taking over the business in 1986.
Laurie’s Furniture is delighted to have been trusted in maintaining the good name of this great E.W. Rich furniture brand.